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Created on 2014-04-22 03:48:41 (#2242142), last updated 2014-04-25 (178 weeks ago)

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Name:Team Kismesissitude
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Black romance.
Welcome friends to team kismesissitude! Here, we ship rivals instead of lovers, and we love doing it! Forget about cuddles and sweet nothings, give me snarky banter and sneaky one-up-man-ship any day! We may only be able to ship those not already taken as an official team, but that doesn't mean we can't still have fun!

The current black list for our black romances are:
EriSol, JohnTav, GamRezi, Karkat versus himself, EriVris, DaveKat, EriRose, EriRoxy, Caliborn/Dirk, DirkJake, Bro/Jack Noir, Cronus/Kurloz, and Kankri/Porrim.
If you are on this team then any fictions you write for the Homestuck Shipping World Cup may not involve these pairings. (Unless they're just in the sidelines, in which case the line is blurry, but just do your best to steer clear.) Otherwise, the field is completely open!

Interests (4):

black romance, caliginous relationships, homestuck, spades quadrant
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